About US

The Holistic Shankara Practice was named so after a dream.

When I woke from the dream, I had to research and find the meaning of Shankara which is…

Doer of good dead’s

Destroyer of Doubt

Shankara had to be the Practices name.

After years of serving in HMF and bringing up a large family pretty much on my own, I initially followed a career in the sports and fitness field.

Which eventually due to the twists and turns in one’s life lead me to here.

We believe at Shankara that when it comes to our physical and mental health most things can be fixed and certainly improved when given the right tools.

Only therapist with experience in their chosen field work at or alongside Shankara.

Only when their own life experience’s as put them on this path do be believe they are warriors at what they preach and teach to others.

The services we offer at Shankara are one of either mind body and soul (physical or mental) and indirectly all unknowingly.

We believe that the physical and mental are connected and need to be put together for a balanced mind body and soul, be that an athlete training for an event or a person or couple needing the guidance out of a dark place after a situation as put them there.

Nobody should be



or Sick

We at Shankara have something for everyone looking for assistance within the mind body and soul