My day today consisted of coaching; I’m often asked with the selection of services I offer what it all means. My clients today have been a mixture of fitness professionals and people coming to fitness for the first time, One client in her 50s embarking on exercise for the first time in her life. For […]

In the year 2050, plastic in our oceans will outweigh fish. Until we start focusing on what needs to be done rather that what is politically possible, there is no hope. We cannot solve a crisis without treating it as a crisis. we need to keep the fossil fuels in the ground and we need […]

We all have stories, we all have shadows. When I think I have worked on mine something else appears. Some do not even need work. But its our response to those feeling that leave us sad, sick, frustrated that need work on. Do the work and I believe we stop holding our selves back. Life […]