Does life feel like it’s getting on top of you? Could you benefit from a place to take some time-out?

Life can be a difficult and challenging journey for many of us. At one moment in time, we can seem to be functioning well in the outside world, but on the inside, it may be a different story. Sometimes, we can be overtaken by acute depression which may not have an obvious trigger.

We can be sailing through life seemingly quite smoothly and then suddenly, we can be stopped in our tracks by a debilitating feeling of depression which can catch us off guard.

For some people, they can go through life functioning fairly well and judged by material standards can be successful in their lives. But there can come a time when, free from distractions, our inside world can start to show itself and we can feel depressed for no apparent reason.

Many of us in life can develop a persona which we may not even be consciously aware of. This persona may have helped us to survive and get through life but ultimately, if it is not genuinely who we are, it can impede our progress and get in the way of us fulfilling our potential.

Counselling and psychotherapy can be useful tools for us to establish what is at the core of our depression and anxiety and it can help us to discover who we really are. Once the process is started, it can be like peeling away layers of an onion and the more we look, the more we discover. This can be a difficult process as initially we may discover things about ourselves which we may not like, but ultimately, we can find out who we really are and go about living an authentic life where we can fulfil our potential.

Individual counselling

The need for Individual counselling may be the result of a difficult life situation, challenges with significant relationships or the inability to find a solution to one’s problems. It is not necessary to have a diagnosis or know exactly what you want help on when contacting a counsellor. If you are feeling unsatisfied with your life’s current situation or direction, your therapist and you can work together to determine the best focus for therapy and course of action. We are able to help adults on a wide variety issues using evidence based therapeutic interventions.

Happiness or mental health is enjoying the life you are choosing to live, getting along well with the people near and dear to you, doing something with your life you believe is worthwhile and not doing anything to deprive anyone else of the same chance for happiness.

Mentally healthy people don’t accept unhappiness but rather see it as a warning sign that something needs to change, and a person may choose to enlist the help of a professional trained counsellor for their individual counselling sessions.

Individual counselling can help a person to look inward to see what needs to change and to find solutions and build skills to address their problem.

Our counsellor can help give you the skills and tools to regain internal control, stop blaming others or yourself and help you find your path to happiness.