Holistic Sports Nutrition For Superior Heath And Athletic Performance

Athletes have been known to go to extreme lengths to be number one in their sport. In an ever-competitive world, some are even willing to take dangerous performance-enhancing drugs and supplements or undergo extreme medical procedures to come out on top—examples include blood doping in professional cycling and steroid use in weightlifting.

But true athleticism happens when the body, mind, and spirit are nourished and free of harmful chemicals. Holistic sports nutrition helps athletes achieve optimal strength, performance, and endurance—naturally. “Holistic” means I take the whole-person approach—mind, body, and spirit.

Holistic sports nutrition incorporates the right balance of nutrients for optimum functioning at the cellular level. When optimum cellular functioning is achieved, athletes attain their highest level of fitness, performance, and endurance. Each athlete is unique, with his or her own biochemical needs, and all athletes need to manage stress and emotional health.

Holistic sports nutrition is not just about the foods you put into your body. It’s also about nourishing the spiritual and emotional self.

Minding the spirit (one’s way of thinking, or mind-set) is also an important part of any holistic sports nutrition program.

Those who sow their minds with a spiritual, wholesome view toward living that includes optimum nutrition become more nourished and fulfilled.